Tuesday, March 13


I listen to Pandora radio every morning as I get ready for work. Not only is it awesome it's also the reason I'm always running late. You try dancing to just a portion of  "Goody Two Shoes." Can't be done. However, with all the hours I've put into Pandora, I've come to notice that it can be lazy. While I respect lazy, and I like structure, this means I wind up having to hear the same songs at the same time each day. Usually mornings are reserved for disco and 80's one hit wonders, which is fine with me because it can (occasionally) put me in the rare good mood. 

I love disco just as much as the next gal, their selection is somewhat limited. As much as I enjoy shaking my groove-thang to ABBA, Gloria Gaynor and the Bee Gees, after awhile it gets boring, which disco should never be. That's why when I heard a disco song I didn't immediately recognize, I was intrigued. I played a guessing game for a minute or two, trying to figure it out before I finally gave up and looked at the album cover. Andy Gibb! Foiled by the youngest, and arguably cutest Gibb brother. I should have recognized that familiar high-pitched nasal sound. My finely-honed disco skills had let me down. I am better than that, and I have the case of 45s to prove it (look it up kids).

Yet something gave me pause as I stared at the picture of a bare-chested Andy Gibb lounging by a pool. I thought, "he reminds me of somebody..." I stood there captivated by his boyish good looks and the sweater he was wearing. On second thought, I think that sweater was really his chest hair.

Then it hit me like a ton of drugs... Heath Ledger was a dead ringer for Andy Gibb (pun intended)! In some bizarro, alternate universe, Andy and Heath were the same person. Both died at 30 (OK Ledger was 29), adored by women and liked drugs. A lot. The only difference between the two was that one made funky-shake-your-butt-while-you-do-coke-music, and the other played a gay cowboy. It's like they were lookin' in a mirror. Don't believe me? Suck on this (again, pun intended):

Also, this happened about 10 minutes after the first post.
 Then this...
Maybe it's funnier to me than it is to the Gee's that have passed. Or, they could also sending me a message, the song is called Tragedy after all.