Wednesday, February 22


Once I had a discussion about whether it would be better to die slowly or suddenly? A morose topic I know. I didn't even blink and said "suddenly." My attitude about death is that I'm not afraid of it, I just don't want to know it's happening. Like in the case of nuclear war, I just want that bomb to drop right in my lap as opposed to knowing that I'm eventually going to die of radiation or the mutants that will surely survive and rise up, a la Omega Man. Either way, I lose.
I have a feeling that Jesus knows
about death coming quickly.
At one time Mark said that he agreed with this school of thought, but after hearing a story on the radio he'd changed his mind. See, this old guy was killed in a car accident, which qualifies as "suddenly." Well, his grieving family had to go through his things, at which time they found his huge stack of hardcore gay porn. Not that I have a huge collection of hot gay porn, but if I did I surely wouldn't want my grand kids to be the ones to discover it. Unless they were into that kind of thing... not that there's anything wrong with that. It just got me thinking about what I might not want everyone in my family to find if they had to come and clean out my things. So maybe Jesus, a little notice would be great.

On a separate note, this morning Mark pointed out that Victory's lack of commas screwed up their intended message once again.