Thursday, February 9


So for the past four days Mark and I have been marveling at this one. There is so much wrong that I don't know where to begin. It's gotten to the point where I want to call them and say, "you know, you really need to fire whoever is writing your signs. You're not getting your message across. Or at least I can't hear it from all my laughing. kthxbai."

Once when I was writing copy I had someone suggest the following as an intro: "What? You say?" It has become a go-to for when something makes absolutely no sense. That was actually my first reaction to this sign. "What? You say? Jesus' coming is sure are you? Half the time I hope in vain that a member of the congregation will notice and suggest, oh I don't know, a comma? It's like they've got Yoda, or a big Star Wars fan writing these.

Some Suggestions:
"To hell sinner, you are going."
"Free make you, the truth shall."
"Big butts I like, lie I cannot."
"What? You say?"


Kate and Dennis said...

It's like the internet meme I've seen lately about commas saving lives. It's true.
"Let's eat Grandma"
"Let's eat, Grandma"

What? You say? lmao